Media Services

We provide selected media-related implementation services. If you’re ready to invest in your business, please contact us for an introductory 30-minute interview to explore the possibilities. 

Interview Services

Need to polish up your presentation?  Do you want to do a dry run to practice for your upcoming keynote, teleseminar, webinar, radio or television appearance?  Or, do you want us to interview you on your own live, hosted program?  Let's discuss your needs and how we can help. 

Professional Virtual Event Hosting Services

I’ve interviewed literally hundreds of men and women over the years – on radio, television and as a paid professional host for client virtual events.  If you’re planning a teleseminar or webinar event, and you need a professional event host or sidekick on your calls, I’m here to help!  You provide the venue, the script and other details. We provide coaching and a pre-production session to plan, organize and perfect the details with you.

Radio Show Production Services

Are you ready to take to the airwaves to share your message with the world? If so, please visit We can help you with all aspects of planning and setting up your radio show at Blog Talk Radio. We can also coordinate sourcing and scheduling guests based on your specific requirements and leads. Please ask about our implementation services.

Teleseminar and Webinar Services

We provide coaching services around teleseminar and webinar design and planning for those who are new to using these technologies. Suggestions about tools to use, dry runs and critiques are also available.  Limited implementation services are available depending on needs.

Strategy and Planning Services

The key to long-term sustainable success is having a strategy and plan and in revising it on a regular basis. The purpose of this introductory strategy session is to discuss the vision for your business and to start defining the goals and objectives of your overall teleseminar or webinar success plan.

Critique and Evaluation Services

An invaluable service, we’ll attend and listen to your live or recorded presentation and provide you with valuable feedback to enhance and improve your presentation. Without feedback, you’ll be missing out on what it takes to make a good teleseminar great! Make sure you polish your skills from the start.

Materials Preparation Services

We work with materials you provide to prepare action guides, study guides, worksheets, and other documents that you’ll need to distribute to participants either before or after the teleseminar. We also provide PDF conversion of documents. We do not do desktop publishing or design work. All materials are prepared using Microsoft products.

Audio Recording and Backup Services

We can provide audio recording services for your teleseminars depending on our availability.

Television Coaching Services

With over 8 years of experience producing and hosting a weekly local cable television talk show, Michigan Entrepreneur, I provide coaching around preparing for your TV appearance. My experience is strictly in the area of local community cable television.  While there are similarities to what you would encounter with a network national TV program, my expertise is limited to my experience in a specific market niche. For additional information related to personal branding and television, please refer to my contribution on this topic in the book – Personal Branding for Dummies – written by executive coach and personal branding expert Susan Chritton.

Media Page Coaching Services

If you’re in the spotlight, you need a dynamic and detailed media page on your website.  I can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your media page if you have one already prepared.  Alternatively, I can provide you with suggestions on what you should include and how you can make this page one that the press will be happy to visit!

How to Effectively Respond to Help a Reporter™ (HARO) Inquires

We’ve used HARO for a number of  years to source guests for Michigan Entrepreneur TV, Teach Me Law Radio and for our clients businesses.  Drawing on our experience of dealing with hundreds of inquiries to our HARO postings, we’ve learned what works and doesn’t work when it comes to getting our attention!  We’ll provide you with coaching on how to effectively respond to Help a Reporter inquires to increase your chances of standing out and being selected.  We’ll discuss the biggest blunders that people make and how you can avoid them.

Strategy Session: Let's Get Started!

After our initial interview, if you’re ready to get started, we’ll begin with our required Strategy Session. During this two hour meeting, we’ll discuss your vision, your short-term and long-term objectives, brainstorm ideas, and propose some next steps. To make this convenient for you, you can select to use this time in either one, 2-hour session or in two, 1-hours sessions.

Do You Need Something else?

If you’re looking for brainstorming, coaching, or implementation services for something we haven’t included, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Earnings and Performance Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee results – monetary or otherwise -- and no one else can either. Your full participation in the client experience and full engagement and a commitment of time and resources on your part is a necessary part of you creating your results. Each client, each business, and each situation is unique and will result in unique outcomes.